CrossFit Survival

Survival of the Fittest


Marianne Berglund

Former ex, 2-time Olympian, Former World Champion (Road Racing), 4-Times National Champion, over 300 1st Place race finishes. Gold Medal at Women’s Professional Championship (CoreStates Liberty Bell Classic).

” As an Olympic-level athlete for over ten years, I have had many good coaches. However, Shannon Franklin belongs in the excellent category. She truly knows how to develop your skills, increase your fitness, and motivate you to reach your goals. If you want to reach your potential, I suggest you contact Shannon. She will get you there!

Brandi and Nick Howard

I (Brandi) first joined CrossFit Survival in 2011. Born and raised an athlete,  I told the Head Coach I was looking for a challenge. I wanted something that was going to make me want to cry, and I also wanted a class where I could be inspired, and not be the strongest one there. After a few classes, I was hooked. My husband, Nick,  joined a few months later, and we’ve both been CrossFit junkies ever since.

We love the people at our box, the community, the coaches–the entire atmosphere. We love that when we walk in the door we get greeted by name, and not just a card swipe like at a “globo gym”. The workouts are always different, and just when you think you’ve mastered a movement or WOD, it gets bumped up with more reps or more weight, and all the sudden the challenge just got harder! (We love that part). I personally love that there is always another girl giving me a run for my money to get to the top of the leader board. It pushes me to go faster and harder because I hate to lose. Because Nick and I were both athletes coming into Crossfit Survival, I was worried we might not be challenged enough. WRONG! I’ve grown to love to hate hearing Coach Franklin say “zero”, “squat deeper”, “you can do better”, and even in that moment when I want to punch her in the face, I realize after the workout, I love her, because she just pushed me to my absolute limits. Thank you Crossfit Survival for bringing my athletic abilities up another notch, and for building my husband’s strength by leaps and bounds in such a  short period of time. We love Crossfit Survival, we constantly brag about our calloused hands, and sore muscles. We’re here to stay!

MaryAnn Taylor

BEFORE–Maryann is the one on the far left.

AFTER–Maryann is the second one from the left. She is pictured here with members of our Ragnar Racing team–12 runners, 195 miles, 24 hours.

“My name is MaryAnn Taylor and after having 2 children within 13-months of each other and being a very busy mom, I found myself physically in a place I had never been before at over 200 lbs. Over the course of he next 5-years, I struggled to lose the weight and battled a back-and-forth war with my scale. Not only was I overweight, my physician put me on 2 types of medication for high blood pressure and another to help lower my cholesterol. Realizing that a change needed to be made, I found CrossFit Survival and I have never looked back. Not only have I achieved my weight loss goals and no longer take any high blood pressure and cholesterol medication, I have learned and progressed physically far beyond any of my expectations.

The CrossFit Survival program, and especially the personal connection with their coaches has taught me about exercise, fitness, proper diet and helped me to not only be physically fit, but also mentally strong. I am a different person than when I started. The supportive, collaborative and inspirational spirit that encompasses our group and the CrossFit community has been amazing! To say that CrossFit Survival has helped me reach my weight loss goals would be an understatement. It has changed my life in more ways that I ever imagined possible!”

Chris Howes

“The workouts include Olympic-style weightlifting [and other types of weight lifting] as well as conditioning. While this was a bit daunting initially, I’ve found that, under the watchful eye and helpful direction of the coaches, this aspect has been tremendously beneficial to my overall fitness. Great people to train with. Every session, while challenging, is always fun.”


BEFORE–Julie prior to her initial fat loss (which she lost herself) and prior to joining CrossFit Survival.

AFTER–Julie having matched her initial fat loss after joining CrossFit Survival. Here she is pictured in the first row, first from the left after a jump rope seminar.

I joined CrossFit Survival 13 months ago, and it has changed my life! I had initially lost about 45 lbs, and was feeling stuck and frustrated with wanting to hit my goal weight. My dear friend suggested I try CrossFit Survival. I had been listening to her describe her workouts with a mixture of horror and fascination. Well, my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I tried a class. I’ve gotten more results from CrossFit Survial than any other workout program I’ve ever done. My body has completely changed and I’ve finally been able to lose an additional 45 lbs over the past year. The coaches provide a tremendous amount of support–with nutritional suggestions, motivation, form corrections and direction. I am so thankful that I started this program-I am a happier healthier person because of it!”

Charles Balderrama

Charles–BEFORE. First Week. He couldn’t squat without holding onto something and was 30 lbs overweight.

Charles–BEFORE. Same day. He could only do push ups from the knees.

Charles–AFTER. He’s lighter, stronger, tougher, fitter…happier. He also does all of his push ups now from his toes.

“I rarely ever write reviews but as a former extreme couch potato, I am compelled to say something about CrossFit Survival – it fricken rocks!!!! With the guidance and expertise of the coaches my life has been completely turned around… I am on a road to self fulfillment, better health, and just plain and simple satisfaction – if you need to get up and get going, don’t look any further; get off your butt and do it, call CrossFit Survival; I know that through their dedication to your well-being, you will discover what I have…
Do it!”

Prisca Suerte Felipe

Prisca–BEFORE over 200 lbs.

Prisca–BEFORE, same day.

Prisca–AFTER, over 40 lbs lighter and a WINNER! Here she is with a trophy for excellence from one of our many monthly challenges.

“I was hesitant at first to try out the Crossfit experience, but it turned it to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Before joining Crossfit Survival, I was really heavy at over 200 lbs. I had trouble breathing especially at night. I had trouble tying my shoe laces. My wedding ring did not fit me anymore. I couldn’t even cross my legs. My hands were always numb. I could go on and on but I probably need at least half a day to elaborate.

I am a winner at Crossfit. I have my confidence back. My energy is up. I don’t get tired easily now. I lost 40 lbs already and still aiming for another 15 lbs. I didn’t think I could run the 5K, but for the first time on Thanksgiving Day last year, I ran my first. I believe in the saying, “No Pain, No Gain”.

Thanks CrossFit Survival. With your help, I achieved everything I set out to do and more.  I wanted the “New Me” and this is the “New Me”.

Steven Carrillo

“Its one thing to train hard. But to train with incomparable intensity is another. I’ve had many a good workouts at the gym, but never have I had to push as hard to finish a 15 minute workout as for some of the Crossfit Survival workouts. If you wanna step it up. Crossfit Survival is the way to go.

Autumn Hickock


CrossFit Survival has completely changed my body in so many ways. I have lost pounds and more importantly, inches. I am so much stronger physically and mentally. I am able to do so much more than when I started about 6 months ago. It is truly incredible. I just recently received my fastest half marathon time and I continue to see my running times improve.
I have become addicted to CrossFit Survival!!!







Greg Akmakjian

“I knew the day I joined Crossfit Survival I was making a positive change in my life. The inner athlete that went dormant for so many years was becoming alive once again. Strength and cardiovascular conditioning are the two sides of the CrossFit coin. The value of that coin depends on you and what you can add to it each and every day.   More importantly the friendships I have made through Crossfit Survival are beyond compare. I have never met a group of individuals more positive, more supportive and so dedicated to becoming fit. The experiences we have shared along the way are priceless. I am grateful for them helping me stay motivated. Ultimately, CrossFit is all about you challenging yourself. “You against you is the paradox that drives us on!” 






Keren–PCC 5K, her first race. Now she’s completed many including a 3rd place medal in her age group for one of the toughest races around–the Mt. Wilson Trail Race in 2009.


Keren Schvarz

“After moving into a new community and wanting to try a new method of fitness and meet new people, I tried Crossfit Survival.  Prior to starting Crossfit Survival, I was a member of a gym and thought I was in (somewhat) good shape.  After the first week, I realized I was wrong.  It is actually quite amazing the monotonous downward spiral of “fitness” you attain at a gym without realizing it.  CrossFit Survival’s line up focuses on physical fitness to promote a universal strength, endurance and healthy conditioning program.   Not only have I seen direct improvements in my strength and running speed (over 3 minutes off my mile time since I started) but it has also improved my skills and stamina in sports outside of CrossFit such and wakeboarding and snowboarding.”

Dave Sertich

Dave–BEFORE Overweight and Out of Shape

Dave–AFTER–100 lbs lighter, stronger and fitter.

“I started Crossfitting about three years ago.  I was a 280lb 47 year old couch potato, who was morbidly obese. I had a rude awakening when my brother, who was only 2 years older than me, had a heart attack.  He was in about the same shape as I was.  I had all the symptoms you would expect–swollen ankles, sleep apnea, acid reflux problems.  I couldn’t stay asleep through an entire night.

My first day of Crossfit was to say the least, an eye opener. You have no idea how out of shape you are until you try something really physical.

I could barely finish the first day’s workout. My coach literally thought I’d never come back. It was that hard for me.

I’ve now lost 100lbs–no more swollen ankles, sleep apnea or acid reflux issues. I have more energy than I’ve had in years, and I feel like getting out and doing things again, rather than sitting in front of the tube. What has Crossfit Survival done for me…changed my life?, No, quite literally saved my life.”

Rosa Balderrama

Rosa Balderrama

Rosa 65 lb deadlift. She now can lift 90 lbs.

When I first came to CrossFit Survival (it was then known as Team Survival Fitness Boot Camp), I was still recovering from a hip fracture. I was only able to walk a block and was very limited on what I could do. I couldn’t do sit ups without a ball. I couldn’t lift any weight. I couldn’t squat. I could only step on a six inch box, and I had to hold onto something to stabilize myself enough to do it. I couldn’t hang from anything. CrossFit Survial was gracious enough to take me on and work according to my ability. They were able to modify all my workouts according to what I could do.  That was over three years ago.  Although I still have many challenges, I can honestly say I have never felt better.

The coaches have been very patient with me and do not give up on me. They motivate me and always tell me I can do it. The unique thing about CrossFit is it can work for anyone no matter what issues you have. Everyone has their own weaknesses and CrossFit Survival can help you overcome them.  They will also help you learn a new way of eating that you will take throughout your whole life.