CrossFit Survival

Survival of the Fittest

Why CrossFit?

From CrossFit Journal, October 2002

"CrossFit makes use of three different standards or models for evaluating and guiding fitness. Collectively, these three standards define the CrossFit view of fitness. The first is based on the ten general physical skills widely recognized by exercise physiologists. The second standard, or model, is based on the performance of athletic tasks, while the third is based on the energy systems that drive all human action.

Each model is critical to the CrossFit concept and each has distinct utility in evaluating an athlete's overall fitness or a strength and conditioning regimen's efficacy. Before explaining in detail how each of these three perspectives works, it warrants mention that we are not attempting to demonstrate our program's legitimacy through scientific principles. We are but sharing the methods of a program whose legitimacy has been established through the testimony of athletes, soldiers, cops, and others whose lives or livelihoods depend on fitness."

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Why CrossFit Survival?

Excellence. The pursuit of excellence is what sets CrossFit Survival apart from main stream "Globo Gyms". Here, you're not just a number—some invisible quantity that signed a contract, never showed and was forgotten. Here, YOU matter. When you arrive, you'll notice something is different. Everyone greets you. You are helped, taught, corrected and cheered. Our expectations are high. You will run a 5K. You will learn to lift weights. You will squat below parallel. You will strive for excellence. You will be taught correct form. You will learn at your level, which will forever keep getting higher. You will work very hard, and you will be rewarded in LIFE because of it.

CrossFit Survival is a COMMUNITY of people who believe in fitness as a way of life. Our friendships run deep. We work hard, but we have a lot of FUN. We run races, do charity events, celebrate life, cheer each other on and help each other out.

We offer STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING following a LINEAR PROGRESSION and OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING as our STRENGTH PROTOCOL, and CROSSFIT couplets, triplets and chipper workouts, alongside running sprints, intervals and RACING for our CONDITIONING.

Our approach is HOLISTIC. We offer NUTRITION suggestions and education as well as SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and MOBILITY WORK as part of our regular routine. We have STATISTICS to back up our claims—strength gained, speeds improved, skills bettered, fat lost.

We do what your gym doesn't. Isn't it time to make real change?

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Connect With Us

CONTACT. It's that first step between the known and unknown, the feared and the conquered. It's what must happen first if change is to occur. IT IS ALWAYS THE HARDEST PART. Why, because it IS unknown. The myriads of doubts, fears and insecurities you carry around in your head manifest themselves and hold you back minute you set about to make a CHANGE.

"I've heard it's hard. I could suck. I'm too overweight. There's no way I can do this. I'm too busy. I'll get in shape and then I'll go check out CrossFit."

Or…"I'm already in shape. I've got a routine at my gym. I like working out alone."

Why are you staring at this website?

You KNOW you're capable of more. You think doing a Mud Run looks like fun. You think being involved in a COMMUNITY of people might drive you harder than working out alone everyday. You'd give anything to be 30, 40…even 70 pounds lighter. You'd love to run a 5K or a trail race. You're sick of going to the gym, or worse, paying and not going--not getting anywhere. You'd love to have the energy, strength and stamina you once did. You miss the camaraderie and competitiveness of being on a team. You want to go to the CrossFit Games.

Regardless of your reason for being here, the first thing you must do is CONTACT.

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